"Jumping into this project it felt awkward asking someone I don't normally talk to, to stare into my eyes. Of course after the first few minutes it was natural to see how interesting it is that eye colors aren't only just "brown."




Learning Through Interest

Project InSight seeks to identify, provoke, and support the development of student interest in eye health and eye care and working with individuals with visual impairments. Because we know that youth are often not exposed to subspecialties related to vision, Project InSight suggests several open-source, provocative activities that may be used and adapted by any school wanting to encourage student prospective interest in these areas or support students toward a Fellowship nomination.


Resources that Identify

Student Interest

  • Advisory Information

  • Interest Surveys

  • Autobiography

  • Who Am I Project

  • Family History

Resources that Provoke
Student Interest

  • 4-Part Workshop

  • Mentor Search

  • Design Challenge

  • Tools of the Trade

Resources that Develop

Student Interest

  • Ophthalmic Curriculum

  • Internships

  • Fellowship