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Our Partners

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The Fox Family Foundation seeks to eradicate the link between vision-loss and poverty. People with vision-loss and blindness face barriers in access to high quality education, employment, and community connections. As a result, this population is vulnerable and disproportionately affected by poverty. 
The mission of the Fox Family Foundation is to ensure capable and motivated people-in-need can thrive inside their schools, careers, and communities. We invest in academic and work-skill solutions that prepare low-vision and blind people (in California especially, and in the USA at large) with next-step readiness. We also fund vision and literacy screenings in economically disadvantaged communities.


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Like Project InSight, The Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative (HFFI) is a workplace learning initiative. HFFI is a partnership between Big Picture Learning and the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools program to elevate the respect and resources accorded youth (and their teachers). We support youth for whom the trades are the appropriate and chosen post secondary path to a fulfilling life as a professional and community member - especially those who have been historically marginalized in the trades through race, ethnicity, or gender bias.


Big Picture Living is a first-of-its kind resource to provide a game-changing approach to health and well-being at Big Picture schools around the globe. And eventually to all schools who are to embrace the movement.


This student-centered, lifestyles-for-learning initiative addresses an urgent gap in support for students - especially those that struggle under conditions that can upend learning - and disrupt pathways to life-long personal and professional success.


In partnership with researchers and experts at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Big Picture Living offers trusted resources, research and practical tools to help students and their communities make simple lifestyle choices that will, over time, have dramatic, transformational impact on one’s health, well-being and security.


At Big Picture Learning, it is our vision that all students live happy and successful lives of their own design -- in their education, careers, and civic experiences -- supported by learner-centered communities, caring mentors, strong inter-personal relationships, and equitable opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. And for over 20 years, we have worked with schools and communities across the country and the world to rethink and reimagine education and schools in ways that ensure that this vision can come to fruition. 


Project InSight uses ImBlaze which is a powerful platform that enables schools to curate a set of internships for students to request to pursue. Schools can monitor the search process, track internship attendance and ensure compliance, and ensure student success.

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